• What position do you play?
  • What do you enjoy most about netball?
    I enjoy physicality, the smarts and the speed of netball. Making life long friends along the way also isn't too bad
  • Best player you have ever played with?
    Geva Mentor, as she was my netball idol growing up and lived up to the expectation when I joined the England team
  • Best player you have ever played against?
    Layla Guscoth, she's a great athlete and I always find it tough playing against her
  • What do you look for in a netball shoe?
    I look for stability, support and comfort
  • What other sports do you play or follow?
    I used to do taekwondo, unfortunately netball takes up all my time, so I don't have time for any other sports. I've started following Wigan Warriors the rugby league team and I'll watch any sport if its on TV
  • Burning ambition?
    To go to a major championships like the Commonwealth Games or World Cup
  • If you didn’t play Netball, what do you think you would have done?
    I would have stayed at University and done my masters and maybe a PhD in Sports Science
  • Describe Netball in 3 words?
    Fierce, Tactical and Fast
  • Why should young people get involved with Netball?
    Netball is suited for everyone, no matter if you're strong, fast, agile, accurate or none of the above, there will be a space for you in netball. You will have the time of your life learning the sport and making life long friends along the way