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Netball- It's not just a game, it's a way of life. While it's easy to get lost in the heat of the moment, it only takes one slip-up for the rival team to take advantage and put one past your team. Get to grips with the court and aspire to be the best version of yourself with the help of Netball Trainers from the UK's leading Netball Specialist - Lovell Netball. Our range of Netball Trainers has been specifically tailored to protect your feet from on-court from stresses and strains and provide you with unparalleled support and stability when it really matters. Here you'll find industry-leading brands Mizuno , Asics , Nike ,adidas , Puma & many others. Check out our full range of Netball Trainers below now.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Netball Shoe for me?

1. Understand Your Playing Style:

The way you move on the court is crucial. If you're a player who emphasizes speed and does a lot of running, consider netball shoes with a design resembling running shoes. These shoes are engineered to enhance your agility and speed, allowing you to cover the court swiftly and efficiently.

2. Assess Your Need for Stability:

For players who frequently turn, pivot, and make quick lateral movements, stability is paramount. Look for netball shoes that provide excellent stability features. These shoes are designed to support your feet during rapid changes in direction, ensuring you maintain balance and control throughout the game.

3. Evaluate Your Desire for Support and Cushioning:

Some players require a balance between support and cushioning. If you find yourself needing medium-level support along with lightweight cushioning, consider a hybrid netball shoe. These shoes offer a combination of stability and comfort, allowing you to move with confidence and ease on the court.

Do you need special shoes to play Netball?

Yes, wearing special netball shoes is highly recommended for players, especially those who play the sport frequently. Netball involves rapid movements, direction changes, and sudden stops, increasing the risk of lower limb injuries like knee and ankle issues.

Here's why specialised netball shoes are essential:

*1. Supporting Natural Foot Movements:Netball shoes are designed to support the specific movements of your feet on the court. They provide the necessary structure to accommodate the quick lateral movements and pivots inherent in netball gameplay.

*2. Protective Features:

Look for netball shoes with supportive features such as slightly wider platforms and outsoles that wrap up over the edges of the midsole. These features offer additional protection during moments of impact or trauma, reducing the risk of injuries, especially to the ankles and knees.

*3. Stability for Fast Direction Changes:

Netball shoes are crafted to provide stability, especially during fast direction changes. The supportive elements in these shoes help in maintaining balance, preventing slips, and ensuring players can move confidently and swiftly without compromising their safety.

*4. Preventing Common Injuries:

Injuries like inversion ankle sprains, common on netball courts due to sudden twists and turns, can be mitigated with proper netball footwear. The supportive design of netball shoes assists in preventing these injuries, allowing players to focus on their game without the fear of getting hurt.

Investing in a pair of well-designed netball shoes not only enhances your performance but also significantly reduces the risk of injuries, ensuring you can enjoy the game safely and confidently.

Can running shoes be used for Netball?

Running shoes lack lateral support and durability for netball's rapid side-to-side movements. Wearing them increases the risk of injury. Netball-specific shoes are recommended for optimum performance and safety.

What distinguishes Netball Shoes from regular sports shoes?

Netball shoes are court-specific, designed for side-to-side movements. They have a structured upper, a wrapped outsole for swivel motion, grip soles, cushioned midsoles, and a low heel pitch, ensuring stability and minimizing injury risks.

How does the grip sole of Netball Trainers benefit netball players?

Netball shoes feature a court-specific grip sole with pivot points, offering traction and allowing players to make sharp turns without slipping. The durable rubber withstands high friction, ensuring optimal performance

Why is a structured upper essential in Netball Shoes?

A structured upper provides lateral stability, preventing foot sliding during rapid movements. It reduces strain on the foot, enhancing overall stability and comfort on the court.

Are Netball Shoes suitable for other activities?

Netball shoes are specifically designed for netball's demands. While they may feel heavier, their stability and support make them ideal for the sport. For gym or short runs, cross-trainers can be an alternative.